Giovane scrittrice, Vittoria Bortolotti si cimenta con i suoni della lingua inglese per queste sue prime poesie


Please someone come pick me up,

I can’t leave this bedroom nor the floor

where I shed so many tears.

Don’t get upset when you see me, my eyes are open but shut

for there’s nothing there

and all my emotions are drained.

Don’t get upset when I look in your eyes and I am drowning.

I see right through you

as if you are not here with me.

But you are an angel

when you pick me up in your arms, leading me home.

Thank you.

I am waiting here, broken,

so look out for the pieces of my heart, right there, on the floor.

It hurts

like a fire in my brain, a knife in my heart,

and the world on my shoulders. My eyes are sore from the tears.

I look in the mirror and I see a ghost. Will it be like this forever?


My knees shiver along with my arms. I feel the tension.

But none of these sick thoughts I torture myself with

can make my skin ill,

no pain could break this heart of mine

as long as there’s you in it.

Watering my eyes there’s no cry of mine but yours.

Running on my body there’s no cold water but your hands.

You are the peace,

when in my head there’s none.


I don’t know where this will all go. Will it hurt?

Will we leave and never come back?

Is all of this pain, all of this love that we share Worth it?

Will we find ourselves swimming in an ocean of emptiness, Wondering if we will ever fall on a soft ground?

Is it true that we get what we give? Or does it all come down to one thing There’s no rewards, no triumph,

But life and death?

It may be comforting to know that we don’t need To be endlessly selfless.

I keep hoping that I will be lucky enough in the afterlife. If there will ever be one for me.

Vittoria Bortolotti, udinese di 18 anni, frequenta l’ultimo anno al
liceo classico “J. Stellini” di Udine. Se dovesse spiegare per quale motivo si cimento nella scrittura di poesie in inglese, la risposta sarebbe che:
per me la lingua inglese è sempre stata una passione, mentre la poesia non delude mai, è libera e non ha limiti. Tutti dovrebbero
provare a scrivere poesie: ogni cosa acquista un valore più intimo.