A poem

I’ve got a story for you
Walking on the streets
Cigarettes from our lips

Some things we left behind
Sometimes we are left behind
And every time we fall in the same arms
In the same leftovers
Empty bottles and rich laughs
Sometimes it’s just a joke
Sometimes we are the jokes
And every time we found ourselves
In the same comforting eyes

Time will never change
You will never change
What we are
All the smiles and all the lives
Passing through
I still dance to the same tunes
Our heart’s beatings

Where we go when the shop is close
When we go, to that party
We always miss
But we don’t miss ourselves
Lost in the city
Waking up at the wrong stop
Waking up close to you
Waking up and still smile
And everytime we laugh
At the same old new jokes

I have a story for you,
No matter what
Time fools us around
What are you gonna say?
The time is now

I’ve got a story for you
No matter we get lost
I’ll find