A poem

My star & I are travelling upon a silver cloud,
Following a big big river, the longest river, which embrace the whole world.
-It’s blue on the globe! –
Wandering through the land of dreams,
Vermillion skies,

Sail forth! – We say
Look at the wonders of the world,
Flakes of snow on the streets – spring!
The uncountable rays of light Sail forth! – We say
Dreams, land, flowers,
In love, we are
We go abroad, come across People – cities – in our dreams – in our lives
Bath yourself with petals,
Jasmines and tulips, Look there! – I say
An aster flower discloses for us
For whom is past and gone.
What’s that cloud? – you say
Full of despair
I know my nightmares
-Embrace me tight – you say
In you I trust
Paint it blue, red and white,
Blow it away,
The world is made for you & me

Look there! – you say
We encounter the tree of time,
Smash the clocks!
‘Til dawn we wander in the land of dreams
Undisclosed words Come my love – I say – we live.