When we go back

when we go back poesia

A drowning poem

When we go back on that school benches
When we go back to that office desk
Have you ever dreamt to smash up all
As I’ve dreamt of every night
Sometimes I just want to scream
Fuck you
For all your lies
For all your rules
For all your standards

What do you think you are
To tell me what I am
What do you want from life
To tell me what I am
Whatever now you want from me, I won’t give it to you

While we fight and die
For something we believe
Why are you crouching in the dark
Waiting for us to die
With a bottle in my hand
All my anger in one scream
And you gonna collapse
Under the pressure of my dignity

All the times I’ve listened to you
What I am, I am more
All the times that I’ve drowned myself for you as still drowning more and more