Are you happy?

Flash fiction

-Sorry, he’s not here right now-

She looked into my eyes with a mixture of hate, anxiety and, I believe, fear. Fear of what, I would have loved to ask.

The little cabin behind the house’s fence squeaked. Well, yes, someone inside squeaked. Probably him, but I couldn’t go there to check, not with her standing in the way.

I wanted to run away, not sure why. Just to run, stumble down, fall, bruise my knees, feeling something that was not only the death inside. From the day I met him at school. When I crossed his eyes, I crossed my heart. I wanted him, so badly. So innocently. Despite the fact, that all the world was against us, he was my shelter.

And now, he was crawling, dying, heated, in that cabin. I wanted to ask her, are you happy? Are you happy about destroying the dreams of loving people?

-And he never will be – She added.